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With over 20 years in the hair removal and beauty industry, our mission is to provide you with a professional and personalized experience using our award-winning services, products, and brands that will make you feel confident and look your very best.

Lynne's Place is an amazing and unique spa located in Somerset, MA, and our focus is on YOU!  Our team of licensed and Board Registered professionals have an abundance of knowledge, experience, and training to provide you with top quality laser hair removal and skin care services.  With over 20 years as specialists in electrolysis, laser hair removal, skin care and beauty,  Lynne's Place is dedicated to continue building a loyal following by delivering excellent service, customized appointments, and amazing results performed by our entrusted and energetic team of highly-trained and certified experts.  

Your happiness and skin health is extremely important to us, and that is why our on-going training emphasizes the most effective, non-invasive, hair removal and skin care technologies, along with the implementation of all safety protocols.  We want you to feel special from the moment you book an appointment, through the time have your customized treatment, to the time you check out. Most importantly, we want you to be satisfied with your results and experience a positive change that you deserve and have been dreaming about for a long time.

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Let's get some spring cleaning done together! It's as easy as can be at Lynne's Place. We've put together some awesome specials to get your skin looking its best, and your shaving routine cleaned up with laser hair removal treatments! There is no reason not to have glowing skin with our award-winning HydraFacial treatment, or more  "get-ready-to-go-out" time after getting your legs, bikini area, or underarms lasered!