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HydraFacial MD's Daily Essentials are a great way to encourage and enhance results between HydraFacial visits.  These products contain the same performing ingredients in a HydraFacial treatment and are powerfully loaded with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acids that all work together to help prevent and undo damage, restoring the overall health of skin.  For those who enjoy a HydraFacial treatment with a booster of DermaBuilder, there is now a DermaBuilder serum to enjoy at home to keep those lines soft and more invisible! There is also an amazing Britenol trio to maintain the brightness of your skin and a Beta HD serum to keep congestion away between HydraFacial treatments! Our favorite is Antiox+ which consists of Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Arnica Flower Extract, Copper PCA/Magnesium PCA/Zinc PCA, and TonePerfect Complex. It also has multi-peptides to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This take home treatment contains the same high-performing ingredients as our in-office HydraFacial treatment so your skin can continue feeling invigorated and nourished longer.

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Youngblood's luxurious formulations have continued to thrill our clients for over 10 years.  Their silky, lightweight Natural Mineral Foundation and loose powders are used at Lynne's Place on a daily basis, especially after a laser treatment on the face or an electrolysis service.  It is no wonder that Youngblood is the clear standard used at many upscale med-spas and the preferred choice of numerous professional makeup artists.  Besides foundations, other best-sellers at our office include Youngblood's concealer, eyeshadows, and mineral blushes.  Their eyebrow pallet is also amazing and helps to get those brows to look full and natural in just minutes!

Over the years, we have realized that our skincare services at Lynne's Place are only as good as the results our clients see.  This is why we have chosen to exclusively use Dermalogica, Definitions, and HydraFacial skin care products in conjunction with our facials and HydraFacial treatments, and Youngblood mineral cosmetics for all of our make-up services.



Dermalogica's skin treatment systems are each designed to address a specific set of concerns to help you achieve your best skin ever.  Whether your skin is dry, normal or oily, Dermalogicas's unique daily formulas will help maintain skin health and balance moisture levels. The list below provides a brief description of the three Dermalogica specialty lines we love most and incorporate often into our signature facials:

AGE Smart - Controls skin aging at the source while helping to stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity and promote smoothness.
MediBac Clearing - Clears and prevents adult acne with around-the-clock, powerful ingredients.
UltraCalming - Provides serious relief for even the most sensitize skin using extremely gentle formulas.