Full Set__________________________________________________________________________________________________$200                                                                                                                               
  Lash Fills____________________________________________________________________________________________$50+
*New clients with existing lashes not done at Lynne's Place will need to have a consultation prior to having a fill and may have to pay up to full set price.

​Why Minkys?

​Say bye-bye to mascara and smudge marks and say hello to long, luscious lashes ALL day (and night) long with Minkys lash extensions! Our Certified Eyelash Extensionists and Licensed Estheticians use only top-of-the-line Minkys products. Minkys are known for feeling weightless, comfortable, and being long-lasting lashes that are safely and individually applied to your natural lashes. Get that extra OOMPH you deserve and wake up feeling young and beautiful with Minkys Eyelash Extensions! 

Care Instructions

​Lash Extensions & Lifts (Coming Soon)

What Are Lash Extensions?

Minkys Lashes lengthen and thicken eyelashes with single strands of faux mink lashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to individual eyelashes one lash at a time for a natural, elegant, and luscious look. Minkys are perfect for special occasions as well as everyday wear.

Price List

   Everyday Lash Care 


Avoid getting the lashes wet for the first twenty-four hours following your lash extension application. Including steam, saunas and swimming pools. 
Also avoid suntan beds for the initial forty-eight hours following your application. 

• Avoid oil-based skincare, mascara and cleansing products. Only water-based (oil free) products are approved. Oil-based products will affect the adhesion and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. Also avoid oil-based eyeliner. Should mascara be worn, only approved lash extension mascara is permissible. Oil based and or waterproof mascara's will interfere with the bond with disastrous effects. 
• Keep your fingers off your lashes. Every time you touch them you are transferring natural oil and bacteria.
• Use of all manual lash curlers is prohibited. Only, heated curlers are permitted. 

• Grooming - brush your lashes with a mascara wand to groom your lashes, ideally when your lashes are wet out of the shower. The lashes are softer and suppler at that time. 
• Use only heated eyelash curlers, as the mechanical curlers will break the bond. When using your heated eyelash curler, brush your lashes to smooth them all in the same direction. Use a clean mascara wand to support your lashes. Curl lashes in an upward motion. 
• Use only powdered, liquid and gel eyeliner. Please inform all service providers regarding your lashes when going for facial work. Caution is recommended when having services including lasers, chemical peels, hydroxyl treatments, or any other acidic substances. 
• We recommend that you apply protective coating once or twice per week. Particularly, if you have oily skin or lashes. This technique will protect and preserve your lashes as well as extend the life of your extensions. Furthermore, protective coating seals and hydrates the lashes as well as keeping them moisturized. 

Natural lash cycle is sixty to ninety days. When one lash falls out there is another lash growing in. Therefore, you will need regular fills (1-2 weeks) to keep your lashes looking beautiful. When returning to your lash stylist for your touch-up, DO NOT wear any makeup or creams around the eye area. This will significantly cut down the time you spend at the spa. 

Lash Health

​The health of your natural lashes will not be compromised, because our training emphasizes the most effective application techniques and the implementation of all safety protocols. Minkys' mission works to ensure long-term health and safety of the eyelash extension industry.