Laser Hair Removal

Once the laser beam damages the follicle 

enough to retard future growth, hairs will

become finer, grow slower, and become more sparse.  Depending on the person,  significant hair reduction can be enjoyed for months to years. Because our laser selectively targets dark, coarse hairs while leaving the surrounding light pigmented skin undamaged, and because our trained laser specialists understand the hair growth cycle and are experienced with all types of unwanted hair issues, our treatment plan, when followed, will lead to excellent results.

Such a great place. I have gone for laser hair removal. They are so welcoming and always so helpful with any questions. I highly recommend trying it out.

​-Stephanni M.

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I've been getting laser treatments for about a year now, and have successfully removed most of the hair on my body. Lynne is fabulous, so professional and welcoming. I recommend this salon 5 stars!!                                                 

                                                                 -Ali C.

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If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be for you - but only if you have dark pigmented  hair and light skin.  (Dark or tanned skin absorbs the light before it can reach the follicles, and therefore would not be effective at all). The video below demonstrates how our Candela laser beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles, and how melanin in the follicles absorb the light which is ultimately converted to heat .

Real Results with Laser Hair Removal




Every day we see our clients come in with finer and fewer hairs, and receive compliments about our professionalism, knowledge, and passion for making everyone feel better about themselves!

Just had my first laser treatment... absolutely found my new thing!!! Lynne was so nice & explained everything!!! Can't wait to come back for more!!

​- Brittany R.

Alexandrite light is capable of seeing dark pigment, so it is essential that the laser does not waste its energy on stubble above the skin.  In other words, the area to be lasered needs to be clean-shaven or trimmed.  That way when the laser's light is pulsed on the skin, it will directly travel beneath the skin,  and solely target melanin in the hair follicle (not the stubble), convert to heat, and cauterize the blood supply to hairs present in the anagen (growing) stage.  A sensation like a gentle pinch or rubber band snap may be felt, but it is tolerable and well worth the ouch factor!

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