Post-Care Instructions

Keep the area clean with soap and water, alcohol or skin antiseptic. 
Keep your hands off the treatment area to minimize skin contamination and infection! 
Do not use any abrasive skin cleaners over the treatment area for about 48 hours after your treatment
(can be irritating to the hair follicle). 
Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours after an electrology treatment.
Use only fresh make-up (less than 90 days old) to minimize the risk of infection (mineral cosmetics preferred).
If any reaction occurs which appears related to your electrology treatment, please contact us to discuss further care options. 
Repeated treatments at one to three week intervals for about one to two years are typically required for complete clearance of hair.​

Electrology has been around since 1875 and remains the only permanent form of hair removal . Obviously, the technology has improved, but the basic concept is unchanged. Electrology is a hair-by-hair process, which involves a small, insulated, pre-sterilized needle that is inserted into each hair follicle. A combination of heat and electricity causes a chemical reaction at the follicle which causes the hair to detach at the root, and become weaker and weaker over time until the root is permanently cauterized. A short "zapping" sensation is felt as each hair is treated, but compared to tweezing or waxing, it is certainly more tolerable. The skin surrounding the treated area also becomes a bit pink (for only a short time), and is typically covered with Youngblood mineral foundation to disguise the pinkness that was created. 

Remember, laser hair removal is only effective on hair with dark pigment, and cannot destroy hair follicles housing blonde, red, or white hairs! For those having a combination of both white and dark hair, it is common to remove white hairs first using electrolysis, and then finishing a treatment using laser hair removal to take away the remaining dark hairs present on a client. So, if you have only blonde, white, or red hair that needs to be removed, electrolysis is your answer to ridding yourself of unwanted hair. If you have a combination of dark and white hair, it is recommended that you have electrolysis performed to remove the light pigmented hair, and then have a laser treatment to remove the existing dark hairs. Electrolysis is also a wonderful way to create perfect eyebrows. Being able to remove hairs one at a time results in a perfect shape that is customized to one's facial features. After several treatments there is a noticeable improvement in the shape of one's eyebrows, and hairs become finer and more sparce from treatment to treatment. Just think of how wonderful it can be to never wax or tweeze your eyebrows anymore! Even better, imagine having eyebrows that are professionally shaped and care-free!

I would never trust anyone else but Lynne with my brows. I've gotten so many compliments over the years about how they are shaped and I never have to worry about tweezing anymore!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Alicia A.