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Our office is designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Our cheerful colors and spacious treatment rooms create a welcoming and comfortable place for you to enjoy your visits and treatments.

I can’t say enough positive things about Lynne’s Place. Lynne gives personal attention to each of her customers and I have received many personal calls back from Lynne when it easily could have been delegated to her staff. The space is extremely clean and relaxing and her staff is always welcoming and pleasant. The laser hair removal services Lynne has provided has drastically improved my quality of life, I wished I’d taken before and after photos to show was an improvement it has made and the permanent hair removal that has occurred. Not only Lynne, but the other certified staff always deliver the services in a very respectful manner that makes you feel extremely comfortable when it could be somewhat of an awkward experience. I find that quality is constantly more important than quantity when it comes to how clients are treated and have yet to find anything here that I’ve been unimpressed with.

-Jessica P.

Our Office

 With over 19 years as a Registered Electrologist, Laser Electrologist, Certified Laser Technician, and a Licensed Esthetician, it is both wonderful and exciting to make and help people look better and feel better about themselves every day.  Taking away the embarrassment of unwanted facial and body hair from women and men of all ages, and improving the appearance of one's skin to look healthier and younger is truly the most satisfying part of my business.  At Lynne's Place, we understand that having good skin matters and can be a life changing experience.

Since leaving the environmental consulting field as a Project Manager/Chemical Engineer in the 1990's, I find my career change extremely rewarding, and my background in science and engineering still an asset in the laser hair removal and skincare fields. For almost 20 years now, on a daily basis - I get to help people. I get to make a change. I get to share tips about all facets of beauty.  Listening to clients' concerns and even embarrassing stories, I can relate to having unwanted hair because , I, myself,  have had countless electrolysis and laser treatments performed on me over many years - at different stages of my life, and as a result, I am empathetic to my clients' unwanted hair and problematic skin issues .  I understand that how you feel about your skin is a great part about how you feel about yourself, and that is why I am so proud to offer state-of-the-art equipment and the most up-to-date methods to provide instant results in the most comfortable way.

From a one-woman, one-service electrolysis office in 1997, to adding laser hair removal services in 2004 under the supervision of a local plastic surgeon, then followed by our present  Medical Director, Dr. Joel Harrison...., to adding skincare services in 2006...,  and most recently becoming certified to perform the premier facial treatment - the HydraFacial MD (which was awarded the best in-office facial treatment once again last year!)..., our professional and personable office staff is undeniably knowledgable, well-trained and passionate about what we do. I am more than proud to know that our team does not only do an excellent job technically, but also is fully knowledgable with regard to the theory behind our treatments. Fully understanding why and how they work, and passing that information on to each of our clients is what differentiates our office from others. We believe in continuing education so that we can educate our clients so that they also know and understand why a particular treatment is preferred for them and what results to expect. We gladly welcome you to our office and joining our family of clients who feel comfortable with their choice of being a valued client at Lynne's Place. We look forward to meeting you, consulting with you, and helping you look and feel the best that you have since you can remember! MAKE LYNNE'S PLACE YOUR PLACE!

Lynne J. Reilly, RE, CLP, LSO, LA

Spa Owner and Certified Laser Specialist